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Job Description Preparation

Our job descriptions highlight the primary responsibilities, requirements, qualifications and challenges of a given job. In short, a job description will tell you what employer will expect from the candidate, as well as what candidate can expect from employer.

We perform the process of gathering, examining and interpreting data about the job's tasks will supply accurate information about the job so that an organization can perform efficiently.

The structure of the job description may vary from company to company; however, all the job descriptions within an organization should be standardized so that they have the same appearance.

A draft of the job description should be presented to upper management and the position supervisor for review and approval. A draft allows a chance to review, add or subtract any detail before the final job description is approved.

The final job descriptions should be kept in a secure location, and copies should be used for job postings, interviews, accommodation requests, compensation reviews and performance appraisals. Employers may also wish to post them on their intranet.